There comes a moment in everyone’s career, professional journey or business venture that surprises you and makes you feel energized and full of zest for what you love to do day in and day out. Last month I had managed to secure a business meeting with a seasoned owner of a wonderful resort in Greece. I reached out to the resort as I’d been there in 2017 for a week with my family and thoroughly enjoyed the balance of relaxation, entertainment and hospitality. I had a customer looking for a week away and I thought this could be a great option for them to consider so I contacted them.

I was not expecting the response that came back which is usually a sales manager pitching at me 😊

Instead the owner, an experienced gentleman with 45 years’ experience and network, responded to me with a simple note back saying your business is a ‘fresh idea’ in the tourism industry and I want to meet you to find out more! He was over in London for a week full of business meetings YET he set up a meeting with me at one of his hotels in Oxford Street, London.

48 hours later and we had our meeting. I talked about me, my business, the operating model and my customer values and beliefs. I was talking about simplicity in my business and for my customers. He felt my approach was new, refreshing and excited him as he felt it would make noise as I would be challenging the status quo. He offered to be my sounding board and support me by not only offering the best rates on the market, but he would ensure my clients are given the best experience.

I walked out of the meeting with three things:

1) Self-belief

2) Confidence Senzill Travels is a niche player and relevant as customers want specialist advice and personalization

3) An influential contact who can help my customers get the best deal off the market