I feels like it was just yesterday that I officially set up Senzill Travels and now 3 months have just whizzed by even though I’ve been doing this for around 5 years now. Thinking about my business brand and creating a website has sparked a creative side to me that I never knew I had.

I knew taking the leap as an entrepreneur would be challenging, difficult and test my resilience! I’ve made some mistakes along the way or ‘learning opportunities’ as my husband’s likes to say… and I’ve also had some brilliant exhibitions and events to get my brand and identity across.

The last 3 months has been an incredible learning journey and I KNOW the next 3 months will continue in that way. The positivity and engagement from people I’ve spoken to directly has been inspiring and given me energy, confidence and zest that Senzill Travels is a niche player doing this differently for the customer!