We had to pleasure of staying at the Radisson Blu Beach Resort Crete in May 2019. It was an opportunity to have a relaxing family holiday and meet the management team!

I had a catch up with Mr Minos Geniatakis and his team. I decided to ask Mr Minos some quick-fire questions on my last day to really understand the ethos, vision and customer values.

Q1) Why should I chose to stay at the Radisson Blu Beach Resort Crete?

It’s a beautiful resort with local charm, heritage and combined with the professionalism and quality of Radission Group. It’s an amazing experience on many levels. Looking out at 180-degree view of the sea whilst enjoying the moments of peace and tranquillity to the ability to do sports – it caters for everyone in a way which feels spacious and exclusive.

Q2) Greek hospitality is renown – how is this translate in your resort?

I agree Greek hospitality is in our DNA. Really, it’s the same mindset I have at home – we aim to create that personal touch and family experience. If you need something just ask the team – we’re more than happy to help. It’s about happiness – in your heart and mind and how we give all our guests the opportunity to have a fulfilling stay – the little moments of happiness with their loved ones for example.

Q3 Since the partnering with Radisson Blu Group what changes have you seen and anticipate?

I think on reflection we have increased professionalism which is reflected in our staff training, processes and generally operational model across the resort. We have invested in upgrading rooms since 2016 and facilities to ensure we offer an excellent offering to our loyal customers. The control environment has improved and indeed use of technology to drive efficiency in operations and most importantly enhance the customer experience – that is key. You asked me earlier this week about how I deal with competition and I truly believe I’m my biggest competitor to ensure we stay ahead and focus on what I can control and influence positively.

Q4) There are many restaurants, what is your favourite restaurant?

Actually, I’m quite a simple eater – I like a few ingredients and eat at home however since you asked I like local caught fish. We pride ourselves in using quality ingredients and offer to the widest of palates. For example, in our Mosaic buffet restaurant we have an Asian corner, fish counter, freshly made wooden fire pizzeria and a wide range of grill items and fresh salads. There is something for everyone and if you want something specific talk to us! 

Q5) After a long day how do you like to relax?

Sleep! I’m sure you understand as a business owner yourself Tejal that it can become a long day dealing with multiple stakeholders whilst ensuring your customers has a smooth experience and dealing with the operations of a resort the size of ours! Of course, spending time with my family and grandchildren brings me a lot of happiness personally.

Any final messages from the management team?

I often get asked about internet reviews and I feel unhappiness is shown in different ways. I encourage people to speak to my team to ensure they have an amazing stay – it’s difficult to solve once they leave or if they do not communicate to us!

Mr Minos thank you for your time and for a memorable stay at the Radisson Blu Beach Resort, Crete. We had a wonderful time especially with my little girl who will miss your swimming pools!