“Disruptive”, being a “disruptor” and being a “challenger” are all business buzz words which I saw on glossy PowerPoint slides in my previous corporate career. However, what does it really mean? When I set up Senzill Travels I didn’t aim to be another ‘Travel company’ in a crowded market… my motivation and aim was to work directly for the customer with clear, transparent pricing in their customized itinerary – not one size fits all.

Small fish, big ideas and building business relationships the right way always for the customers’ needs first. Start with the customer journey and be grateful for that customer putting their trust into you.

Simple concepts and lessons yet so often the customers priority gets diluted as businesses get bigger and conflict in their growth ambitions. I wake up every morning knowing without my customer base I have nothing that that acknowledgement keeps me humble, focused and true to my values at Senzill Travels