Mount Olympus is the largest mountain in Greece and to the ancient Greeks they believed that this was the place where their Greek gods lived. There is a prominent theory that the word Olympus means sky. Mount Olympus sits between Thessaly and Macedonia, in Central Greece, providing a natural border between these areas. Olympus is known to have many peaks and the highest being “Mytikas” which means nose. In Mytikas the Greeks imagined Zeus to unleash thunders to mortals when they infuriated him. Zeus is known as the king of the Olympian gods. Mytikas was never explored until the early 20th century, however for centuries, Mount Olympus has been having many visitors, mainly for religious purposes.

Mount Olympus has been a national park since 1938 due to its beautiful flora and fauna and admired biodiversity. Every year it has many visitors for this reason and to tour its slopes and climb its peaks. There are opportunities to trek on the Olympus peaks. The peaks of Mount Olympus are full of green which is wonderfully interrupted by fast-flowing clear mountain streams. There are exceptional and spectacular waterfalls to admire down the mountainsides. These views are breathtaking!

There are also opportunities for skiing on Mount Olympus’ slopes. Skiers are able to ski on the slopes almost all year round. In the 1930’s the mountains started gathering many alpinists and soon it became a world famous destination. Alpinists claim their experience was truly unique.