Technology, connectivity and mobility have made it possible to work wherever and whenever you want. Companies give you laptops, mobile phones and data plans which effectively means you are always connected. The days are gone of leaving the office and leaving the work at the door until the next day as was the norm for my parents’ generation.

I’m not saying this is a bad thing at all. It offers flexibility, it offers the ability to work from home and enables collaboration more than ever before. It is an enabler when used effectively.

There is one point I want to debate is taking work with you on holiday.

When I got married my husband actually asked if he could take his work mobile with him ‘just in case’. Now I know what this meant. He would check it periodically in the morning and evening discreetly trying not to let it interrupt our holiday however if he reads about an issue, an opportunity or something of ‘interest’ inevitably his mind will think about it and sometimes even discuss it! We compromised and he gave his personal phone number and email out to anyone who felt it was urgent enough to contact him. Not ONE person contacted him about work and it allowed him and us to make the most of our honeymoon together.

Reflections from my perspective:

  • Rest and relaxation is about the mind just as much as your body
  • Switching off and ‘unplugging’ is a healthy position to adopt on holiday
  • Think of less screen time as an opportunity to re-balance and re-centre – it’s all too easy nowadays to get caught up with information overload.



#less screen time