Relax, accept the unexpected and take pictures!

I have a beautiful two year old daughter who fills me with joy, laughter and happiness. We’ve taken her to Greece, Mexico, Dubai, Croatia and Washington D.C which in all honesty is more travelling than I’d done by 21 years old! How the times have changed… the world seems somewhat smaller now than when I was growing up. Cheaper and more accessible airfares often means you can get to destinations comparable to UK train ticket prices!

Some people thought we were a bit mad (and selfish I suspect!) taking our daughter around the world and on flights however we as a family loved it! Memories,

So what have I learnt through trial and error?

· Airport security – allow enough time for your kids to run around (mini softplay areas are increasingly popping up in airports) before the flight and a tactical nappy change!

· Pack light and efficiency – the less you have stuffed in your hand luggage makes finding things a lot easier

· Home comforts – we took her favourite blanket to help her nap on the flight, her own PJ’s to change into at ‘bedtime’ and a couple of books she enjoyed having read to her

· Buy extra milk for the flight – some airlines will have milk and others may offer fridge space and warm the milk for you

· Entertainment – on the 10 hour+ flight to Mexico my little one slept a bit however got bored when she was awake especially when the rest of the cabin was sleeping. After a few battles of crying, temper tantrums I realized walking her up and down the aisles helped her settle and she waved/high fived a few passengers along the way!

· Focus on yourself and don’t worry about other passengers. People will look at you if your little one isn’t being their usual happy self however getting stressed, worked up or frustrated won’t help the situation (easier said than done I know when your kids are kicking chairs!)

To all my customers with families remember the smiles, happy family memories and photos. I’d love to help you find a great family holiday and offer my top tips along the way!