In my 20’s I loved seeing as many destinations as possible a year with my ‘precious’ annual leave from work. I’d plan in long weekends around bank holidays to dash off to Europe – some lovely cities like Berlin, Barcelona and Zurich! I also once did Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Bali in 10 days which was fast paced however I did reflect on my return – what if we did 10 days to Hong Kong? Would we have seen more, immersed more of the local culture and had a richer experience?

As I got older into my 30’s I became wanting to actually get some of the “R&R”… rest and relaxation! I’d often book 3-4 days in a city and then 10 days on a beach or resort to get the quality family time to ‘do nothing’. Life is busy, we’re always ‘switched on’ with technology and often have information overload so I do believe that time to unwind, break the routine and focus on what matters to you is of such importance.

Different stroke for different folks I suppose however I’d recommend in a year getting one 10-14 day holiday to recharge, reflect and keep balance in life and using the rest to explore, be spontaneous and open your sense to the world 😊